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How It Works

Below you will find a couple different options.  

Our free consultation that helps pastors and leaders begin earning points and miles in order to set them up for the best vacations possible.

Our full service option comes at a small fee to help plan and uncover the best possible flights and hotel options in order to maximize the points you already have.

The $250 fee is limited to pastors and church leaders but if you are interested in our services we can help.   

Full Service 


Tell us more about your dream trip.  Submit an award trip request and let us know about your travel plans.  (You only pay the $250 fee after you confirm your itinerary)  


We will be in touch and work one on one to help you find the best available options and once your happy with it be ready to book quickly. 


We will help with booking process even selecting the right seat.  Have your login for credit card points and airline miles available

Free Consultation

Stop leaving points on the table.  As pastors understand the dynamics of church finances, boards and councils.   We can help you navigate that conversation and get started with the best card that will suit your situation.  Maximizing your points and miles can be a great benefit to you and it doesn't cost the church at all.  There are categories of spend in which we can help you collect the most amount of points and miles.   If you have ever cashed points into cash or used them to pay for office computers then you need to reach out to us.  We can help you get a value much greater from your points.   Once we have an idea of how far you want your points to take you, we can make recommendations on how to get started and help you start using a card that is best suited for your ministry.  

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